A Fallen Soldier And His K9 Arrived Home, What The Baggage Handlers Did Broke Me

A fallen solider and his K9 dog arrive home, and it couldn’t be more heartbreaking. They slowly lift his coffin down, but a smaller coffin comes out afterwards, and it is his trusted K9 dog. The employees stand there and show their respects, shaking the military officer’s hand as well as showing their respects to the fallen solider. This is an incredible video and everyone shows up to say goodbye to their fallen hero.

Watch the video and see it all for yourself, it is all here on camera and you certainly won’t regret it. The music in the background makes this moment all the more real and even the baggage handlers stop and watch this heartbreaking moment. There are even people holding flags to pay their respects, bringing the group together as well as saying goodbye to a great soldier.

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