He Starts By Drilling Into A Bullet, The Finished Product Is Awesome

He starts by placing a 40. caliber bullet into a vice and drilling a hole into the side. He then takes a 10mm piece of wood and cuts it in half, before securing it inside the bullet. He sands down the bullet to make it smooth, before measuring another hole into the bullet. He cuts it in half, polishes it up and puts it to one side. What happens next will blow your mind. He takes apart some headphones and he puts them inside the bullet casing, before attaching the ear buds as required, The end result is truly spectacular and this a trick that you need to try at home.

It is a great trick for anyone who likes to have a custom look when it comes to headphones and it is relatively easy to do if you have the right tools on-hand. Watch the video and see for yourself how to make your own headphones out of a simple bullet casing.

* If you are too lazy to make one for yourself, you can order it on amazon.

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