Arty Is Scared Of Doorways – How He Crosses Them? Absolutely Hysterical

Arty is incredibly scared of stepping through doorways and he really doesn’t like it one bit. His owner tries to encourage him to come through and he really doesn’t want to, but by the end he knows that it is his only choice so he does something hysterical that his owner’s will never forget. He walks backwards through the doorway so he can’t see where he is going and the owner’s can’t help but laugh at his hilarious response.

Wow, this is a really great video and it will put a smile on your face. By the looks of it, this dog has finally overcome his fear and he isn’t going to let anything step in his way from now on! What a lovely dog and what an amazing clip. Arty is truly a one of a kind dog and his response is nothing short of genius.

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