A Dog Finds A Lemon And Eats It. Then? His Owners Can’t Contain Themselves

This dog finds a lemon on the beach and he just can’t help but eat it. He starts chewing on it and you can see that the owners are on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what his reaction will be. When he starts to taste how sour it is however, that is when the fun really starts. He starts whipping his head back and forth. After his reaction, you wouldn’t have thought that he would go back to eating the lemon, but he certainly does and that is when the video gets even funnier.

He dives right back into the lemon and starts chewing away again. This pup really doesn’t learn from his mistakes but he looks to be having such a good time as well. Watch the video and see it all for yourself, he is having such a great time and the owners really can’t control themselves.

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