This Dog Found Her Family After She Was Lost For 7 Months. Watch Their Reunion

This dog had been lost for over 7 months. After some fireworks were set off nearby, the dog jumped over the fence and the family have never seen her since. The CCAS scanned a microchip of a stray dog and that was when they found that she belonged to somebody. When her owner saw her come out of the pound, he couldn’t help but give her a hug, and it is an unbelievable moment. Who knows what might have happened if this man didn’t have his dog micro chipped, but either way, it is a truly inspirational video and it just goes to show what a bond this man has with his dog.

Thankfully the two are reunited and together again. The dog just cuddles up into his arms when he sees him and even though she looks scared at first, you can see how much they have missed one another.

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