This Girl Stares Into The Eyes Of Her Dying Dog. Seconds Later, A Miracle Happens

A severely abused dog has been rescued by the Rescue from the Hart foundation and it is a miracle that she is still alive. The dog was abused to the brink of death and she was also starved as well. In fact, she was starved so much that her organs started to shut down and the vets didn’t think that she would make it at all. She couldn’t stand up and she could barely stay awake at times, but luckily a miracle happened and someone finally gave her the love and support she needed to make it through.

She is now on her way to making a full recovery and people have givenĀ  her the name Angel, because she really was a miracle. Who could do this to a dog and who in their right mind could sit and watch her suffer, but either way, she is in a better place now with people who care about her.

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