This Abandoned Dog Knew She Was About To Be Rescued And Surprised Everyone.

This dog is clearly very scared of people approaching her but this woman has all the patience in the world. She walks up to the dog and she slowly starts calling her over. She knows that if she makes any sudden movements, that the dog will run away but she stays still and she waits for the dog to become comfortable with her presence. When the dog starts to come over, she still waits patiently and that is when something incredible happens.

The dog lets her stroke her and all of a sudden she starts to wag her tail. She knows instantly that she is in safe hands and she can’t wait to go home with her new owner. This is an incredible story and it just goes to show that a little love and compassion can go a long way. This dog now has a happy home and she is getting all the strokes and treats that she could ever ask for, so it is a truly special video and it is certainly one that you need to watch.

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