This Double-Barreled Colt .45 Is The Coolest Weapon On The Market

This gun can fire over 20 rounds in 1.5 seconds and it is all shown here in slow motion. This is an incredible weapon and this man says that he has never fired this before in his life. He talks you through the gun and he shows you how it works, but wait until you see it fire, you won’t believe it. This gun is beautifully made and it really is one of the top guns on the market at the moment. It is very loud to fire and this is an incredible video that shows how it works.

What an incredible video and it just goes to show that bigger guns aren’t always better! The clip shows it all happen in slow motion and you can see the casings fire out of the gun as well. This gun is phenomenal and the way it operates is truly mind blowing.

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