This woman has devoted her life to photographing children with Down Syndrome. These are beautiful.

Julie Willson is a photographer and she has devoted her life to photographing children who have Down Syndrome. She has already helped many families to capture the joy and beauty that they have in their day to day lives and she knows more than anyone that every child is special in their own way. The problem is that some people can’t see the true beauty within a child if they have a disability and they are often bullied as a result. Julie’s sister, Dina was born with the condition known as Down Syndrome and a lot of people could only see her disability and not the beauty within. Willson knew better and that is why she decided to start this project. Of course, many people who are born with this condition often suffer from other health complications and that is why the family wanted to make the most out of the time that she had left.

Unfortunately, Dina passed around 4 years ago and that was when Willson decided that she needed to do something to help others. That was when she decided to start her very own photography project and ever since, she has shown the world that children with Down Syndrome can be beautiful and that they really do have so much to offer.

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Julie Willson took every single one of these photos and she calls Dina the best thing that happened to both her and her family.

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Dina passed away because of congestive heart failure, and that is very common in those who have the condition.

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Down Syndrome is caused by a genetic defect and this happens when you have an extra chromosome in the body. It can affect anyone,  but thanks to recent medical advancements, those who do have Down Syndrome can live longer and happier lives.

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Because of her existing heart condition, doctors didn’t think that Dina would live for very long. With the help of her family however, she lived much longer.

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Thanks to Julie’s parents, she was much happier in her day to day live.

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In fact, Willson said that Dina was sweet, but very stubborn! Even so, she loved her unconditionally and she wouldn’t let anything worry her.

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As a result of this, Willson wanted to help other people appreciate those who had the condition as well as the unique personalities that they have.

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She also wanted to let other parents know that even though life does have its challenges, Down Syndrome is nothing to be scared of and that it won’t make anyone’s lives any worse.

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In fact, she also wanted to show people that those who do have Down Syndrome have just as much to offer when compared to anyone else in the world.

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She has hope that these photos will help people to see those with Down Syndrome for who they really are.

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Willson also hopes that these photos will help parents as well, to know that Down Syndrome is just a condition and that it is not something that will destroy and affect their lives. Please SHARE this post if you feel as though those with Down Syndrome deserve just as much help and support as those who do not, and that it is possible for them to be seen as the beautiful people that they really are.

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