This Is What Happens When A Squirrel Eats Fermented Crab Apples

Have you ever wondered what a drunken squirrel looks like? Well now you know. This squirrel has eaten way too many fermented crab apples and now he’s really feeling the effects. He just can’t quite seem to stay upright and he keeps falling over, again and again. On top of all this, he has to fight the snow as well, which is really causing this little guy problems! Talk about having a bad day!

The squirrel starts by trying to climb down a tree, before he is faced with the ultimate challenge of all, a slope that just seems to get harder to climb by the second. This squirrel really is having some trouble and someone managed to catch it all on camera. Watch it for yourself until the very end, the squirrel finally manages to climb up the huge snowy slope into the wild and he couldn’t be happier about it!

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