Drunk Guy Goes Crazy When His Brother Pranks Him With Facial Tattoo

This drunk guy goes absolutely mental when he finds out that his brother has put a fake tattoo on his face! His reaction is unbelievable and it just goes to show that sometimes when you party a little too hard, things can go seriously wrong! Of course this poor guy doesn’t realise that this tattoo is fake and that is why he is so distressed, but either way it is well and truly hilarious and how the other guy managed to keep a straight face, we will never know. This is one that you seriously need to see because it will blow your mind and anyone can do this at home as well.

Wow, what a great video and what a priceless reaction. See it for yourself, you can’t put into words how funny this is and this guy must have had the fright of his life when he woke up with this on his face!

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