He Puts Food Coloring Into Rice, Magic Happens When He Adds The Egg

This trick will blow your mind. He starts by adding rice to some plastic cups before snipping the end off some food dye. He then drips the food dye into the rice and shakes it to coat all of the rice inside. He then repeats the process with blue and orange dye to create several different rice pots. he then takes an egg and he dips it into the rice pot before shaking it vigorously to coat the egg completely.

What happens next will surprise you. The egg is colored and it has a nice tone to it as well. He then places the egg inside an Easter decorated box to make a very colourful design. This trick is great if you want something creative to do this Easter and it is so simple to do. All the supplies you need can be found around the house and the end result is outstanding.

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