You WILL NOT Believe What They Saw The Cashiers Doing… Watch VERY CLOSELY!

These people thought that they were going to any other supermarket, but what really happened blew their minds. The cashiers started to swipe the items across the counters like they normally would. After a period of time, all the cashiers started to do it in tune to a popular Christmas song and it really is amazing to see. After the song has finished, a cashier starts to beat box and they go into another Christmas song.

This must have taken quite some time to master and it just goes to show that when you put plenty of hard work into something, it really can pay off. When the song finishes, they all scan their items at once and then the crowd start to clap uncontrollably, and it is safe to say that this is quite possibly one of the best shopping trips they have had in a long time!

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