He Set Up A Camera In His Mom’s Nursing Home. What He Sees Is Enraging

He set up a camera in his mother’s nursing home when he found out that she had hurt herself. He didn’t expect to see this however. His mother has advanced Alzheimer’s so she didn’t remember anything that had happened to her. It turns out that she was getting abused by other residents and the staff members who work there, but what he caught on camera showed it all.

It shows staff members blowing their nose on her sheets before making her bed and it also showed co-workers being inappropriate together as well, just inches away from her. It shows things like other residents going through her drawers when she’s asleep and it also shows them stealing from her, meanwhile she is in bed and powerless to do anything about it. Watch the video and see it all for yourself, it really is enraging and the footage is truly shocking.

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