They Look Sweet And Innocent, But When The Main Singer Steps On This? Wow

They start by playing Metallica’s Enter Sandman, a true rock classic. Everything is going well, they are all in time and in tune, but when the singer steps in? That is when things get interesting. James Hetfield has a really unique voice, but this group really can pull off this song.

They are so talented and together they could easily pull off being a Metallica cover band. The drummer is so young and so is the bass player, but together they can really rock. Watch the video and see for yourself, they are really, really good and you certainly won’t regret watching this video. Wait until she breaks out into the mid-way solo, that is when the fun really starts. They are all clearly very good at what they do, and this video shows it all. Even the bass player has a singing part, but wow!

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