He Installs A Brand New Cat Door – But Just Wait When You See What The Cat Does

This guy has decided to install a brand new cat flap for his beloved pet, but the cat doesn’t really see it this way. Instead of going through the door like a normal cat would, he approaches the door with caution and he isn’t quite sure what to think of it at first either. Instead of going through the cat flap, he claws at the door handle and he opens the door completely. This is a really great video and it just goes to show that sometimes pets are more intelligent than we think, but either way, this cat certainly managed to humiliate his owner!

You need to watch this video for yourself because you won’t believe how he manages to open the door all by himself and he doesn’t struggle doing it either. Wow, what an incredible video, who knows whether he taught himself this or whether he was taught by his owner, but either way, it is amazing!

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