Her Wrists Were Bound With Duct Tape, Now Watch How It Could Save Your Life

Duct tape is pretty tough and it is very hard to get out of when it is taped around your wrists. We see it all the time in films, and often the hero manages to break free and save the day. But what if you found yourself in a real life threatening situation? Watch this video and you’ll be able to escape with ease. She starts by wrapping her hands up in duct tape, and she does it pretty tight as well. She then goes on to show you a technique that will let you escape from this position, and it could save your life.

You’re going to have to watch this one for yourself. It is unbelievable how she breaks free and it is so simple anyone can do it. It only takes a few seconds and it is knowledge like this that could save your life if you are ever put in a life threatening situation.

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