Racer Girl Pranks Her Driving Instructor With INSANE Drifting Skills

This girl is going undercover as someone who is just learning how to drive. The truth is, she can already drive and she has some insane drift skills. She acts as if she doesn’t know how to handbrake, pull out of a junction and perform an emergency stop, but when she gets on to the open road she really gives her instructors a fright. You can tell how terrified they are and it is a hilarious video.

She drifts like never before and it takes some serious skills to do that. She even goes as far to wear a Spongebob Square Pants dress to really complete her undercover outfit, but the end result couldn’t be funnier. Watch the video and see it for yourself, you won’t regret it and this really is a funny video. The ending couldn’t be funnier and the instructors look relived when they can finally get out of the car!

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