They Put Cameras Inside A Retirement Home, But No One Knew THIS Would Happen!

Who doesn’t know this song. These old folks certainly know it and they want to live their life by the lyrics. Watch as they party in their retirement home with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey and a whole lot of music. They don’t want to do anything that they’re told too and they aren’t going to stand  for it any longer. This video is hilarious and the residents really do know how to bring a smile to people’s faces.

They’re rebels in their old age and they want the world to know it. They want to fight for their right to party and that’s a fact! Watch this video and see it for yourself. These people are truly one of a kind and they even look the part as well! Watch and see it for yourself, you won’t regret it! What a funny video and what a cool bunch of people!

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