He Puts Fans Around A Campfire, But When He Turns Them All On? Wow!

He starts by putting 12 fans around a campfire. You may think that this would put the fire out, with the air blowing from different directions but that isn’t what happens at all. The fire turns into an amazing whirlwind of flames and it really is an incredible sight. How he came up with this idea, we will never know but it is safe to say that the end result is nothing short of mesmerizing.

He can even adjust the fans so that it makes a different shape or design, but either way, this fire tornado is seriously something cool and it is one that you need to see for yourself. What an incredible video and anyone can try this at home if you have a well ventilated area and some household fans. You could make plenty of fire designs with this technique and the idea is really one of a kind.

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