He Discovers A Horse And Her Baby Dying In The Snow And Then Does The Unthinkable

This man found a horse named Macy and her foal freezing in a field. The horse was shivering violently and she had such a weak heartbeat that the vet said she might need to be euthanized. When the vet said this, the horse jumped to her feet and a spark lit up in her eye. They took her and the foal Loca to a rescue rehoming center in Norfolk so they could help the horse and her foal recover.

After undergoing lifesaving treatment, they managed to save both of the horses and it is truly incredible to see how far they have both come. This is an amazing story and it is not one to be missed. Watch the video and see the live footage of the horse shivering in the cold and what she looks like now, what a transformation.

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