He Was In A Coma For A Decade – Until One Day He Revealed The Truth

This guy was in a coma for over a decade and the doctors continued to tell the mother and the father that he couldn’t understand anything that they were telling him. That was not the case, and the entire time, he was actually awake. This is his story, and it is amazing to think how he can remember everything from his time in his coma. Now he uses a computer to speak for him and he uses a wheelchair to get around because he has lost the use of his legs.

In the home, he was also subject to abuse, but as he could not communicate, he couldn’t tell anyone about it. This is one that you need to see because he deserves to be heard, so watch it until the very end and leave your opinions in the comment box below. Wow, it’s amazing to think how much he has been through, yet he has clearly come out of the other side fighting.

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