The World’s Largest Pit Bull Is A Dad, And His Babies Are Worth More Money Than A Lamborghini

This video is well and truly incredible. The world’s largest pit bull is now a father and it is safe to say that his big genes have been passed on! You wouldn’t believe the size of this dog and now he is a father, his pups are certainly worth a hefty amount as well. Who knows if they will grow up to e the same size as his dad and who knows whether or not they will be bigger or not, but either way, it is a truly incredible sight and this video is a must-see if you are a dog owner/dog lover.

You won’t believe it when you see the size of these newborn puppies and they are so expensive to purchase as well. These dogs are worth more than a Lamborghini and they really are cute as well. This is one that you need to see for yourself!

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