Girl goes to sleep over, but what happens is “every parent’s nightmare”

This girl thought that these girls were her best friends, so when she asked to go to their sleep over party, her parents let her without any second thoughts. What happened next however, really was a nightmare. The “friends” attached her mercilessly and she has already faced over $40,000 medical bills. She is scared to go out of her house and she continually receives threats from the girls, so it is safe to say that they have completely ruined her life. The best of it is, the school have refused to do anything about it.

The video shows the girls attacking her and the footage is incredibly violent. It shows the girl being kicked, punched, slapped and more, so watch it with discretion. Let’s hope that this girl gets the legal support she needs to bring these violent attackers to justice and let’s also hope that this girl can finally get the peace of mind she needs to feel safe in her own home.

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