Teen Finds A Horse At The Side Of The Road – Watch Her Reaction

This girl found a starving horse at the side of the road and when she tried to rescue her, the horse just fell in a ditch because she was too weak to resist. After she managed to get the horse up, she walked her 9 miles until they got to her home and that was when she saw the amount of abuse that this horse had been through. The horse had whip marks and her backbone was sticking out of her skin. Her knees were swollen and she had a serious eye injury as well.

When she got the horse home, she knew that it wasn’t over yet and she did everything that she could to make sure that the horse didn’t die alone. She slept in the barn for days to make sure that she was okay and eventually the horse started to recover. This is the horse’s home now and it really is a great sight to see.

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