Husband Films His Wife Giving Birth In A Car As They Drive To The Hospital

This guy is driving down a busy road trying to get his wife to the hospital. He can’t pull over anywhere and he knows that he has to make a few quick decisions in order to keep his wife safe. His wife is clearly in a lot of pain and she knows that the baby is going to come whether she likes it or not, but she clearly wasn’t expecting it to come right there and then!

The baby is born and the man is still driving the car. It’s amazing to think how calm he is and it is also amazing to think what a great job he did at controlling this situation. She gave birth to a very healthy baby boy and the two are going to make fantastic parents. The support he gave her is astonishing and he did all of this while driving a car. She did amazing as well, so you can only give credit to this incredible couple!

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