A Golden Retriever Panics During The Rescue. But Watch Her Reaction Now…

This dog is called Clarabelle and she was homeless for quite a number of weeks. Some kind people went to go and feed her on a regular basis but none of them could get close enough to rescue her. When the rescuers tried to put a collar around her neck to pull her out of her hiding spot, she cried and whimpered and she just didn’t know what to do. She tried to get away and she tried to run but she couldn’t, but by the time she got out, she knew that she was in safe hands.

She received medical treatment and a lot of people worked with her to make sure that she could be re-homed.  This is just one of the many videos by these rescuers and it just goes to show what good they are doing in the world. Wow, how incredible is this?

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