He’s 6 Years-Old, But Looks Like a 1 Year Old. What He Says Broke My Heart

This little boy is actually 6 years old but he looks like a 1 year old. His name is Grant and he looks to be the same size as his 1 year old brother but in fact, he is 5 years older. This video tells the story of Grant and all the things that he loves to do. He loves to cook and he loves to dance as well, and this video shows him doing all of these things and more. He really does have a big heart and his story is well and truly incredible.

This is one that you need to see because his story is fantastic and it will change the way you see the world forever. Wow, what a great video, he clearly tries so hard to do everything that other kids his age do, and he does a great job at it as well.

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