What Happens When A Great White Shark Meets A Scuba Diver

This scuba diver should think himself lucky that he’s in a cage! There are plenty of fish swimming around the shark but the shark only really seems interested in the cage itself. He starts to circle the scuba diver before trying to bite through the bars. This amazing footage captures it all and it is really high quality when you consider the fact that it is underwater and that there is a huge shark trying to get through the bars!

The shark is in fact female and you can almost feel the adrenaline from the divers. This footage was taken when they were cage diving in Guadalupe, Mexico and it is estimated that the shark weighs over 3,000lb. Either way, this footage is amazing and the divers are clearly having a great time seeing this shark up close. What an incredible video, it is certainly one that you need to watch.

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