The Way These Onions Change When They’re On The Grill – I Have To Try This, My Mouth Is Watering…

You NEED to try this. All you need is some paprika, some cayenne pepper, bacon and some onions. He starts by taking the onions and he peels them until they are completely done. He then slices down the onion but he makes sure that the onion can still stay together after he’s done. This creates a cross cut design and it makes the next step a lot easier. He places the onion on the hot coals and he layers some bacon over the onion as well.

After this has been done, he creates a dipping sauce to really bring it all together. After the onions are all cooked, he pushes them down to create bud shapes and he adds some cheese as well. This video is great and it is the ideal solution to any family BBQ as well.

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