When This Kitten Was Born, They Gasped. Now She’s A Tribute To Love

This kitten has such deformities that vets said that she wouldn’t last. Regardless of this, her owners said that they would never give up on her. They hand fed her, they nursed her and they took care of her the best they could. This video just goes to show that beauty isn’t just skin deep and that with a little love, anything is possible. Watch the video and see for yourself, it is an incredible story and the ending is a testament to love.

The kitten is now a cat and she is living a great life. She is comfortable, happy with her family and she does all the things that a normal cat would. What an incredible story and what an incredible family. If we all did one act of kindness, who knows what good could happen, and this is just one person’s story of how they saved a life.

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