These Twins Undergo Rare Surgery. These Doctors Pray And The Outcome Is Astounding

These twins need to undergo a very rare type of surgery in order to be separated. These infants are joined at the abdomen and it is going to take a very special operation in order to get them to live a normal life. In order to avoid confusion, they all wear different hats and this is done to make the complicated procedure a little easier on the surgeons. Everything was going fine, until one of the twin’s blood pressure dropped at an alarming rate. She was given a transfusion, but because they share a liver, the chemicals ran through them both.

They then needed to perform the rest of the procedure very quickly, but to everyone’s astonishment, it was a success. They left the hospital separate from one another and this is a truly incredible video. Some would say that this is nothing short of a miracle, but either way, wow.

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