He Picks Up A Violin And She Starts To Play ‘Hallelujah’. I’m Totally Blown Away.

This video is well and truly incredible. She is playing the piano and he is playing the violin, and the result couldn’t be more amazing. They are playing in perfect harmony with each other and this one will totally blow you away. They did all of this in one take and it just goes to show how much they must have been practicing. He even has a pedal for his violin as well so he can duplicate the sound in perfect harmony. This is one that you need to watch, because you really have never heard anything like this before.

This is true professionalism at its best and these two are the perfect duo. As soon as he starts to play, you know how captivating it is going to be and by the end, you just don’t want to click off the video. This is well and truly incredible.

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