He Parked His Vehicle In A Handicapped Parking Space, But He Didn’t See This One Coming

This guy parked his car in a handicapped parking space but when he came back, he noticed that his entire car was covered in post-it notes. Even as he started to drive away, the notes still stuck there and he needed to keep getting out of his car so he could wipe some of them off. The person who did this used blue post-it notes as well, and they even went as far to use white notes to create the handicapped parking sign as well. He clearly doesn’t look happy about this but either way, he parked in a handicapped space and now he is certainly paying the price.

Everyone can’t help but cheer him on and it just goes to show that sometimes you need to do something a little outrageous to get your point across. This is one that you certainly need to watch and it is a perfect display of people-power!

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