This Abused Dog Had Never Been Petted, But When He Holds Her? Wow.

This dog had never been petted before. Instead, she was locked away in a cage and she was forced to breed puppies year after year. When she was approached, she backed away from the rescuer and pressed herself against the kennel wall. She was utterly terrified, and it really was heartbreaking. The rescuer decided to sit with her to comfort her, but she wouldn’t let him anywhere near her.  As soon as he held out his hand, she ran away scared and it just goes to show what trauma she’s been through.

After a while, she let the rescuer hold her, and even though she dug her claws into his arm, he still stayed there with her. All she wanted to do was bond, but she had been through so much already. Watch the video to watch the full story. It is all on camera and it just goes to show how one good act can make a difference to someone else’s life.

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