He Fills A Muffin Tin With Cheese And Eggs. The End Result? I’m Doing This Now!

This guy starts by chopping ham and onion before frying it in a pan. He then adds this mix to some muffin tins, adding a little grated cheese on top. What he does next makes it all the more amazing. He whisks up some eggs, baking powder, oil and milk, and pours it over the ham and onion mix. He bakes it in the oven for around 20 minutes and the end result is amazing.

He makes little omelettes and they look unbelievably good. You’re going to need a lot of muffin trays to make this recipe, because they will most likely be eaten in seconds. With a golden brown finish and a light and fluffy inside, they are quite possibly the best looking omelettes to ever grace the internet. Watch the video to see how he makes these little creations; you won’t regret it and they do look absolutely amazing.

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