Have Your Ever Seen Giraffes Diving Into Water? Now’s Your Chance!

These giraffes are up to something. It is obvious from the minute one of them tries to lick the camera. Either way, this short movie is awesome and it involves plenty of diving giraffes. The giraffes start by walking into a very long corridor. They carry on walking until they reach the pool area, and that is when it all kicks off. One of the giraffes decides to dive in, he does a fairly normal dive but it is interesting none the less.

The real fun starts when the others join in. They spin each other round, somersault, twist and launch themselves in and they look like they’re having a really fun time doing it. Who knows, this may actually be what giraffes get up to when we’re not watching, it is unlikely, but this video makes the concept alone amusing as it is. This is one you need to watch.

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