This Abused Dog Was Constantly Mocked On Instagram. Then A Miracle Happened.

Studies show that there are over 1.2 million dogs struggling to survive on the streets of Houston. This video tells the story of Pumpkin, who was again, left to die. She had been shot with a BB gun and she had chemical burns all over her body as well. Even though the person who posted this made fun of the dog, the picture quickly circulated the internet and she soon became a sensation. Volunteers came to her aid but they found that the BB pellet was lodged next to her spine.

Vets didn’t know whether or not she could survive, but either way, she pulled through in the end and now she is with a warm and loving family. She always wants to play and she really does look so happy. Wow, what an amazing transformation, I can’t believe it. This is well and truly mind blowing.

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