They Didn’t Serve Him Because He Looked Dirty. So He Came Back in a Ferrari!

This guy decided to prank the owners of many restaurants. He starts off by dressing up as a homeless person. He asks them if he can eat at the diner but they tell him no. Some of them won’t even let him inside, even though he does actually have the money to pay for his meal. When he comes back in a Ferrari however, everyone wants him to come inside and eat at their diner and they can’t wait to show him the menus.

This video just goes to show how people are treat differently because of their financial or social status and it isn’t right. We should all treat people the same no matter what and somebody shouldn’t be refused entry to a restaurant just because they don’t look the part. This video is very moving and it really is a must watch for everyone who wants to hear this incredible story.

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