This Homemade “Metal Can” Air Heater Is Out Of This World!

If you want to cut back on your energy bill this month, then why not try making your own hand made metal can heater? All you’ll need is a metal can, some toilet paper and some alcohol. You can make your heater any size you want, and they last for a relatively long time so you can always get plenty of use before they burn out.

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It only takes a few minutes to make this DIY metal can heater, and it is a great idea for when you are in the wild or out camping. You can even try it at home if you don’t want to put the heating on, whatever you choose, this DIY can heater is certainly a genius invention and anyone can do it.  Simply blow on the flame to put it out, and you can even make it into a stove by joining other cans… So what are you waiting for!

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