If You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!! This Farting Horse Is So Happy!

If you need cheering up or if you want something that will put a smile on your face then this video is for you. This horse just has to go and he just can’t hold it back! He’s rolling around on the floor and he looks to be having such a great time, that is until, you listen very carefully…he’s letting them rip all the time and he just can’t get over the noise that he is making! This is a truly funny horse and he loves himself, how whoever filmed this managed to contain themselves, we’ll never know, but either way this video is hilarious!

This is one that you need to watch for yourself because it will make your day. It is absolutely hilarious and I don’t think that this horse will be eating whatever he did last night again! Wow, this is a brilliant video!

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