She Cuts Up Marshmallows. The End Result Is A Work Of Art

She starts by cutting four slits in a marshmallow. She then folds them over one another before pressing the slits into each other. What happens next will blow your mind. She dips her fingers in corn starch to stop them from sticking and she gets another marshmallow. She cuts off the bottom and presses it into the centre of the marshmallow fan. The end result is a beautiful marshmallow flower that can be used to decorate everything from cupcakes to birthday cakes and everything in-between.

She then gets some colour mist and sprays it over the flower. All of a sudden it comes to life and it only takes a few seconds to make this stunning decoration. Anyone can do this, and it is great if you want to decorate your cakes with a little something special. Watch the video and try it for yourself!

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