This Whale Was Trapped In Net And Left Alone To Die. How She Said Thank You To Her Rescuer Shocked Me.

Michael spends two months trying to track whales in the ocean, but in 2011, Michael and his family were given the chance to save a life, and that was when they did something really incredible. They saw a whale in the ocean and they thought that it was dead at first, but when he whale moved, they knew that something was wrong. They saw that the whale was caught up in a net and he knew that they needed to act fast if they wanted to save her life. After a lot of effort, they managed to free one of the fins, and that was when something magical happened.

She started to swim away but when she got tired, they saw their chance to remove the net from the tail fin. They hoped that they had done enough to free her at this point, and they had. She started to thrash about in the water, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

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