He Moved His IKEA Cabinets To The Bedroom. How He Transforms Them? Brilliant

This video is well and truly fantastic. He starts by getting some standard IKEA cabinets, but he’s not doing what you think he might be doing when he starts to put them all together. He takes the cabinets and he lines them up in a row, before he screws a sturdy piece of wood onto the back of the wall. He then screws a piece of wood onto the edge of the cabinets, to make sure that it is strong enough to support the bed. After this has been done, he screws the cabinets together and that is when you see this whole design come to life.

This is well and truly incredible and it just goes to show that sometimes it is the simpler things in life that really do deliver the very best results. Why don’t you see this for yourself today and try and put one together for your own bedroom?

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