Katie Sunshine Knows How To Hula-Hoop With Paint And She’s Having A Blast

Katie Sunshine is clearly having a blast, doing what she loves and doing it with style. Katie is fantastic at hula-hooping, and she loves art so she decided to combine the two in this very interesting video! You’ll want to try this for yourself at home, guaranteed. She starts by drilling some holes into a wide hula-hoop, before filling it with coloured paint. Starting off with one colour, she then proceeds to add another and another and another until she has a complete work of art.

To do this all you need is someone who can actually hula-hoop, some paint, some wooden stands and big sheets of paper. The rest is up to you. Spin your way to creating your very own masterpiece, it is easier than it looks and you could do it yourself at home as well. What a great way to end the weekend with friends!

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