When This ‘Redneck’ Walked On Stage, The Judges Laughed. Seconds Later, They Were In Tears.

This guy is an unemployed farmer and when he stepped out onto the stage, the judges couldn’t help but laugh at him. He knew that the odds were stacked against him and he knew that he might not get the go-ahead from them, but he sang anyway and he really is incredible. This is one that you need to see because it just goes to show that you can’t always judge a book by its cover and this guy is a prime example of that. Wow, he can really sing and this song is a perfect choice for him.
Why don’t you watch the video to see it all for yourself. You really won’t regret it and the judges were nearly in tears by the end of the video. This is incredibly powerful and moving to say the least, so watch the video and leave your comments below.

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