It Looked Like A Plain Old Shell, When He Got Closer, My Jaw Dropped

This octopus is called a Kleptopus, and it is from Indonesia. This octopus will try on several different shells until it finds the right one for shelter. He’ll carry them around the ocean floor and he’ll put some serious effort into finding the right one. But that’s not all. The octopus will sandwich itself in-between two half shelves, forming a complete protective barrier against any predators.

You wouldn’t think that there is an octopus inside this casing, because the octopus is able to close them together with incredible efficiency. The octopus uses its tentacles and sucker pads to secure a tight fit and after some time, it will go and find a new shell to call its home. This is an incredible video and it just goes to show that there really are some interesting creatures under the ocean’s surface. See it for yourself.

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