They Found A Box Of Kittens And Gave It To This Gorilla – Now Watch How She Reacts

This gorilla is called Koko and she is a very famous gorilla. The people who look after her wanted to give her something special as a treat and that is why they decided to give her a box of kittens so she could play with them and have some fun. She picked up a kitten right away but it is the second kitten that really wanted to have a cuddle! This is one that you need to see for yourself because you won’t believe how gentle the gorilla is with the kittens and you can clearly tell how much she cares about them.

Wow what an incredible video and what an incredible gorilla. Watch the video until the very end to see what happens and keep your eye on the little black kitten as well. This is amazing and it will surely put a huge smile on your face if you’re having a bad day!

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