Watch What She Does To This Horse Who Was Born To DIE

Victoria Goss has been looking after horses for over 35 years now. She has been adopting horses since she was just 12 years of age, and now she has done something really spectacular with her passion for these animals. Despite the poor economy and all of the odds that are against her, she still continues to rescue horses that were born to die, giving them the life they have always dreamed of as well as pursuing her lifelong dream.

Her horse sanctuary, Last Chance Coral houses a range of different horses. They even travel up and down the country to rescue them, and their mortality rate is below 3% because Victoria Goss and her team always work fast enough to give them a fighting chance at survival. Watch their incredible story today. Her work is amazing and she has already changed the lives of horses across the country, so she is a true inspiration for any animal lover.

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