The Water In This Lake Disappears Down This Hole Every Summer

In the Oregon Mountains, there is a very shallow lake that can be found close to the highway. This lake disappears once very year during summer but it mysteriously reappears again when it is the winter. The locals call it the Lost Lake but there is a perfectly reasonable explanation why this lake vanishes and that is because of the Lava Tube.

These geographical mysteries form when lava cools and goes hard at the top, but the lava underneath continues to flow down. The tunnel that is left behind by this may open a hole and some of these are lava tubes that are the size of a trash cans.  You can take a walk through these when you travel to Central Oregon. Streams flow into the Lost Lake before draining into 1 or 2 of these very large holes on the northern side. Water starts leaking in during the fall and it builds up through rain and storms. The hole has apparently been there as long as people in the area can remember. Why don’t you take a look at the video below, it shows the lake’s only known outlet.

This lake was apparently formed over 3,000 years ago. The lava flowed from a volcanic vent and it blocked one of the river channels. When the gases escaped into the air, it left behind pores as well as cracks and fissures in the landscape. We don’t know yet if the water that goes into the hole then goes to an outlet, but it is most likely that it goes into the porous surface below. It can take over ten years for the water to filter right down, but either way, it is truly a phenomenal sight to be seen.

In Western Oregon however, it pops right out of the floor and it provides plenty of drinking water for humans and other wildlife. According to Live Science, the water that landed today will give someone drinking water when they are ten years old, and this further adds to the mystery that this lake has to offer.

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